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our art philosophy


our art philosophy

We create artworks with remarkable collaborators

Cheeseagle believes in the power of art to start conversations and make change. We work with communities who are living in exceptional circumstances - invisible, forgotten or marginalized by broader society - and whose stories remain untold.  Our art projects invite the sharing of new stories. 

Our art projects are designed for exhibition and social impact

With community collaborators, local organisations and professional visual artists, we design processes, artworks and exhibitions that reflect the character of the collaborators and provide practical support for the communities. This support may range from exhibition proceeds and increased public awareness, through to housing or other resources. 

We source key professional collaborators and supporters who share a keen understanding of the individual project, a passion for social impact, and the skills and resources to support the project’s production and completion.

Our art projects have been featured on:


Read about our past art projects and media here.

our artworks are shown in established exhibition spaces

Exhibition venues are chosen to celebrate the communities and complement the artwork, as well as to maximise audience and commercial success. 

you are invited to be part of the projects -  all collaborators and supporters benefit

Each project is more than a collaborative art experience, an exhibition, documentary or fundraising event. Our projects are the sum of many inspiring collaborators and supporters, and we invite you to join us. There are many ways to be involved: artists, creators, contributors, storytellers and those with whiz tech skills are always part of our projects.

We regularly share the progress, trials, tribulations and impact of the projects. Follow and connect with us and the remarkable collaborators behind each project.


meet cheeseagle

meet cheeseagle

We are a Melbourne-based creative partnership and collective. We bring together professional artists, photographers, filmmakers and community collaborators, and we craft collaborative visual arts projects to create social change.

kaff-eine, lead artist & creative director

Kaff-eine is a contemporary and street artist with a strong Australian profile and following. Over the past three years, Kaff-eine has painted public and private works across Australia, Germany, France, USA and the Philippines, has had successful solo and group exhibitions, and has illustrated two children’s books, Vera and The Promise

As a street artist, Kaff-eine regularly adventures into forgotten and abandoned spaces to create her artwork, adapting her practice to suit the available surfaces, spaces and contexts.  She continues and expands this practice with cheeseagle and seeks out communities and areas that others have ignored or neglected. Where possible, she uses locally-made materials to create the collaborative artwork and best reflect each community's distinct character.

Visit Kaff-eine's website here

emily cheesman, creative director & producer

Emily is an Australian-Filipina currently completing her international law PhD on children’s rights in the Philippines at the Melbourne Law School, and is a recipient of the University of Melbourne’s Human Rights Scholarship. She has worked and volunteered in the not-for-profit sector for over 10 years, and fell back in love with the arts and storytelling working in children’s book publishing. She calls both Melbourne and Manila home.

Each cheeseagle project draws together professional artists, community collaborators and project supporters. Read more about our current projects and the people behind them here.

Artwork by Kaff-eine. Second photograph by Rowena Naylor.