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questions and answers


questions and answers

faqs about cheeseagle

+ Is cheeseagle a business or a charity?

No, we are not an incorporated organisation or a charity. We are a creative partnership and collective that draws together professional artists, photographers, and filmmakers, and we craft visual arts projects to create social change. Read more about cheeseagle here.

However, we partner with local charities and organisations that work with our community collaborators and have longstanding relationships with the communities. Read more about our current projects here.

+ Is cheeseagle a religious or political group?

No. We partner with individuals, communities and organisations across the religious and political spectrum, including religious and non-religious groups.

+ I’d like to donate to a cheeseagle project; can I claim a tax deduction?

The ability for supporters to make tax-deductible donations is currently confirmed on a project-by-project basis. This is because each project is unique, and the kinds of support requested will vary.

We'd love your support for our Happyland project, in particular the costs of documentary post-production and the exhibition. However, outside the ACF crowdfunding campaign, donations are not tax deductible. Donations can be made through Paypal here, and a receipt will be sent to you directly. Please contact us if you have any questions.

+ How can I find out more about the communities that are involved?

Each project page will have information about the communities, but if you have additional questions, feel free to contact us. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll do our best to put you in contact with people who do. Read more about our current projects here.

+ How can I get involved?

Check out our current projects and read here about ways you can be involved. As we regularly update our social media, connect with us or subscribe to our newsletter to learn about new opportunities and projects.

We also love to hear about ideas and project suggestions, so feel free to contact us.

+ Do you accept volunteers? How do you select your volunteers?

Yes! Cheeseagle is extremely honoured to have wonderful volunteers and supporters. However, as we receive many generous volunteering inquiries and are a small team, we unfortunately are not able to take on every offer.

We’re delighted to work with volunteers whose professional skills, experience and interests align with a particular project’s philosophy and need. As an international team of professionals donating time and skills, we request the highest levels of professionalism from our volunteers.

Check out our current projects, subscribe to cheeseagle news, or follow us on social media for updates about new opportunities.

+ How do you identify and contact the communities or place where you want to work? Why should the communities work with you?

Cheeseagle projects involve collaborators from communities that are invisible, forgotten or ignored by many. Community empowerment and agency drive our projects.

We are introduced and guided by local organisations and individuals with established relationships with the communities, and with their assistance, invite community collaborators for the projects. We aim to build longstanding relationships with the collaborating communities through the design of the projects and partnerships with local organisations. Read more about the way we work here.

We’ve a proven track record of working collaboratively with similar communities in past projects (see here.)

+ Do you have projects in Australia?

Cheeseagle’s work is both created and exhibited in the collaborating communities and in Melbourne, Australia. Subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates about upcoming events, including open studio days, exhibitions and project progress.

+ What’s the best way to keep up to date with the cheeseagle projects?

Subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates about upcoming events, including exhibitions and ongoing projects, or follow us on social media.

+ How do you fund your projects? How are the money and resources used?

Cheeseagle projects are currently made possible by significant in-kind support, volunteers, our generous partners, donors and proceeds from exhibition sales. Each cheeseagle project is unique, and the kinds of support and resources required will vary.

Cheeseagle projects are designed and costed to produce professional, exhibition-quality visual art and will always involve tangible support or resources for the collaborating communities (for example, exhibition proceeds or housing). Read about our current projects here.

+ What does it mean that cheeseagle projects are 'auspiced'? What is auspicing?

Some cheeseagle projects are auspiced by Auspicious Arts Projects, a Victorian incorporated organisation established to administer grants for artists, and provide administrative, financial and general management support for auspiced projects. Read more about Auspicious Arts Projects on www.auspicious.com.au.

+ How do your projects create impact? What kind of impact is created?

Each project has specific aims and ways of measuring impact. All of our projects aim to create impact through collaborative art creation; awareness raising and education; and useful, tangible resources (for example, exhibition proceeds, educational materials, or housing resources) for the collaborating communities.

Once project production costs are covered, proceeds are invested back into the collaborating communities.

We believe in constant reflection and improvement. We welcome ideas about ways to increase impact for communities through our projects, and can be contacted here.

+ Can I commission a cheeseagle project?

We’re always keen to hear about ideas and projects! However, our projects are chosen for many reasons, including alignment with our work philosophy, crew availability, project scope and budget, and potential partners. Contact us here.

To commission an artwork by Kaff-eine or other visual artists and filmmakers cheeseagle works with, please contact them directly.

+ How can I buy cheeseagle artwork?

Each project is unique: while sometimes the artwork is for sale, in some projects, the artwork is the resource for the community.

Where artworks are for sale, information will be available from the exhibiting gallery and on the cheeseagle website. For any other questions, please contact us.

FAQs about the Happyland project

+ Where did the 'Happyland' project get its name?

Happyland is the formal name of one of the communities that cheeseagle has collaborated with for Phoenix and will partner again with for the Happyland project. It is also a reference to a local word for dumpsite ('hapilan').

faqs about art tarps

+ What is an 'art tarp'?

Our art tarps are artworks printed on hardy, practical tarpaulin material. Each art tarp:

  • features one of Kaff-eine’s portraits of a local Baseco or Happyland resident printed in full colour, so that the beauty, strength and character of the personalities shine through up close and at a distance
  • is made from industrial 18oz UV-treated PVC tarpaulin material
  • is one of three sizes
    • SMALL (4m x 4m) shelters 4 people
    • MEDIUM (5m x 7m) shelters 8 people
    • LARGE (6m x 8m) shelters 10 people
  • has waterproof welted seams and metal eyelets for durability and usefulness
  • is printed and transported by local businesses in Metro Manila
  • is accompanied by tools, rope, two installation crews (of community members from Baseco and Happyland) and our volunteer crew
  • is gifted to community residents to use however they wish: whether for new or standalone shelter, reinforcing existing residences, or to sell or trade.

+ I've donated an art tarp. What did the donation cover?

Donating the full amount of an art tarp covered the costs of creating, printing, materials, delivery and wages for the community construction crews during tarp installation. The art tarps will be gifted to the communities.

Each art tarp featured a portrait by Kaff-eine, and each art tarp portrait was printed at least once in SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE. This was to provide a range of useful sizes for residents and the visual impact of the art installation. Thanks to the wonderful support for our April crowdfunding campaign, we exceeded our goal (of 30 art tarps) and printed 35.

The community residents we worked with helped us identify who in the community would find the art tarps most useful. This meant that some of the personalities featured chose to use an art tarp for their homes, but this decision was ultimately up to the community residents.

+ Do I get to see what happened to the art tarp I donated?

Thanks to our wonderful supporters and donors, we were in Manila in May/June 2016 to print and install 35 art tarps with the Happyland and Baseco communities.

Our social media updates tracked the project and art tarp supporters who donated through our April Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) crowdfunding campaign were given access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes updates on the art tarps and their installation. Thank you.

All ACF art tarp donors have been emailed with the link and password to the updates from the project's Happyland email address. Please contact us if you have not received the link or have any questions.

faqs about crowdfunding and the happyland project

+ How was art tarp donation through the Australian Cultural Fund different to your Pozible campaign?

Art tarp donations through the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) and the rewards through the Pozible campaign were two different ways of supporting the Happyland project. All money raised through both the ACF art tarp donations and Pozible campaign will go towards the Happyland project.

Art tarp donations were through the ACF and offered a tax-deduction for your donation. Whatever amount we raised through the ACF, we were able to put towards the Happyland project.

Our Pozible campaign offered rewards in return for your 'pledges'. It's a win/win: supporters will receive selected rewards only once we reached our Pozible target. Pledges through Pozible were not eligible for a tax deductible receipt, as you are receiving a 'reward'.

For more information about how Pozible works, see the Pozible website here.

+ Can I still donate?

Your donation would be very welcome! We can issue you a receipt (which will not be tax deductible, or count towards our crowdfunding targets, as the campaign is now complete) and we'll acknowledge your support online. You can donate directly via Paypal transfer here. If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you - please contact us here.

+ What proportion of the Australian Cultural Fund art tarps donations and the pledges from the Pozible campaign go to fees and administration?

We've kept all Happyland costs to the absolute minimum required to achieve our aims and work so far of a beautiful, unique art installation and shelter project. The Happyland project team have committed over thousands of hours and resources to the project, and we have had the generous support of many to date.

Crowdfunding fees, bank, exchange rates and fees all add up, so we've allocated between 8-9% to administration fees.

With the donation of art tarps through ACF, donors were offered the opportunity to absorb the ACF platform fees at the point of payment. We will put the generous additional donation towards covering other Happyland project production costs, such as documentary production and exhibition costs.

+ What is the Australian Cultural Fund? Am I guaranteed a tax-deductible receipt?

The Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) is a dedicated collective funding platform for Australian artists, and is administered by Creative Partnerships Australia. Creative Partnerships Australia is supported by the Australian Government through the Ministry for the Arts and aims to grow the culture of giving, investment, partnerships and volunteering in the arts, bringing donors, business, artists and arts organisations together.

The ACF received and administered all donations in April towards our art tarps. The ACF will send tax-deductible receipts directly to you. Please contact the ACF directly if you have any questions about the ACF platform, payment processes or receipts. For further questions, see the ACF website here.

any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.