HAPPYLAND Project (2016 - 17)

art as shelter. film as connection.  

PHILIPPINES: Metro Manila’s slum communities are home to millions of poverty-stricken people. The slum residents experiencing some of the most brutal circumstances are the garbage-picking and charcoal-making communities, whose homes and livelihoods are Manila’s garbage dumps.     

In 2016, cheeseagle brought together an international project team with familiar and new faces, and reunited with the communities in Baseco and Happyland (read about the past Phoenix project here).

We created and installed thirty five large art tarpaulins or 'art tarps' which featured Kaff-eine's portraits of local residents. The art tarps were either used to create or improve shelter, or sold and traded for food and other necessities. The installation process was professionally photographed and captured on film.

We are proud to feature Kaff-eine's portraits, the photographs and vignettes of daily life in the Happyland exhibition and the stories, individuals and communities behind the project in the Happyland documentary (upcoming exhibitions and screenings listed below).  

Want to take action? We encourage you to donate to Bahay Tuluyan, which works with children in Manila, Philippines, including in Happyland. You can donate through its affiliated Australian organisation here.